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IOACON 2022 Amritsar Indian Orthopaedic Association Medical Orthopaedic Association Punjab


67th (LXVII) Annual Conference of The Indian Orthopaedic Association

Dates : 28th November to 03rd December 2022

Guru Nanak Dev University

To ensure efficient time management & smooth running of the conference, please note the following:

  • Use of personal laptops or memory devices for presentation at the podium will not be permitted.
  • Format of the presentation should be MS PowerPoint.
    Additional Instructions: The format has to be Microsoft PowerPoint in a 16:9 ratio. Please note: Personal laptops are not allowed.
    On the day of your presentation, please note the following:
  • Your presentation is loaded in the preview room for the designated hall & session well in advance.
  • Check that your presentation is working well (especially that the videos run properly) in the Preview Room at least 1 Day before your presentation.
  • Please be present in the respective hall 15 min before your presentation.
  • Please be seated in the front row.
  • Limit your talk to the time allotted i.e., 4 minutes. (Your presentation will be auto-stopped after the allotted time and no extension will be possible).
  • Please do not leave the hall till the session is over.
  • If any presenter has not loaded his/her presentation as stipulated above, he will forfeit his/her opportunity to present his/her paper.
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